Humans are very whiny when they are sick

So this entire weekend has been about Mom. She has a “stomach disease,” as she calls it, and has been whining and cursing the entire weekend. Yesterday, I tried to be a nice supportive son and take care of her. I tried to send healing purrs and hoped that would help. It didn’t. And today, she is still whining. Only now she feels better, so she is whining louder. I try to ignore her, but it just doesn’t work.

So then, I finally acknowledge her. Then she says,

“Joey, Mommy feels so bad. Tummy hurts. Gonna puke.”

Great. So she whines at me until she gets my attention to tell me that she’s going to vomit on my head. Perfect.

I am not amused by this at all. So then, I go back to minding my own business. I’m relaxing in the floor, being awesome, as usual.

And she starts bothering me AGAIN! It is driving me up the wall!

So anipals, a word of advice. Keep your humans healthy, or else you’ll end up getting annoyed CONSTANTLY for DAYS!

Until next time, this is your King, signing off.


5 Responses to “Humans are very whiny when they are sick”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Joey Cat and Joey Cat, Tiny Pearl. Tiny Pearl said: @joeybeancat Woahmeow!! hope you ma gets better soon Ya, we need to keep our staff healthy for sure […]

  2. Hubo the cat Says:

    Hello Joey,

    Like your second bloggie as well and enjoyed the pictures with your 1st and 2nd bloggie.
    I agree, humans feel very sorry for themselves when they are sick. You gave us the correct advise: keep the humans healthy. Again you inspired us to do the right thing.
    Are you getting extra noms b/c of 4th october = World Animal Day?
    Enjoy your day and talk yo you later.

  3. My human has taken good care of me while I’ve been sick. I comforted her when she had surgery, but I don’t get involved if she’s just under the weather.

  4. Good advice buddy. You are so very right too.

  5. Meow! Welcome to bloggie!

    Purrime Ministerette Shiva
    Purrime Ministerette Jaya
    Rulers of Planet Purrth
    10 Downing Street

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