Time to vote for which categories you want to see, anipals

Hey guys, it’s time for you to vote for which categories you want to see (and for me to try out this poll thing). I’m going to give you all lots of choices, and we are going to have lots of different categories. That way everyone has a chance, because all of the pics are fantastic, and I wish all of you could win! Mom would burn out from writing so much if you all did win, though MOL. Also, feel free to add a category that you would like to see that isn’t listed. The Best of 2010 is a given, that is why it’s not listed.  Here we go, category list:


6 Responses to “Time to vote for which categories you want to see, anipals”

  1. Am looking forward to the results; so many great pictures to choose from!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! thank you so much for putting “Best Rodent Picture” up there with cat and dog! My kind always discriminated against…this is awesome!

  3. LilyLuWhoT Says:

    You’ve really done a great job with this-bravo! can’t wait to see who the winners are-efurryone lokks fantastic! Purrs

    • Thanks! All the pictures are great! I want to be sure everyone has a chance to be recognized. That’s why I’m adding more categories! (This is my first contest, so I am still learning)

  4. Ignore my notes to myself MOL

    Most Humanistic
    Most Colorful
    Changing wording from “Most Outrageous” to “Wildest
    Best Hair
    Best Eyes

    Let me know what you think of these, guys. Thanks!

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