Vote for the best Halloween Piccys!!!

UPDATE: Voting is completed. The contest has ended early because someone was cheating. I am sorry to have to do this, but it has been brought to my attention that anipals are cheating by voting for themselves A LOT. It’s not fair to the other anipals, and it makes it not fun anymore. I allowed repeat voting so that anipals who liked more than one costume could vote for more than one anipal.


How the voting will be decided:

I am taking the next highest scores below the cheaters and having them be the winner. That way the fair anipals’ voices are heard. I have learned from my mistakes and next time I will set up my polls differently. But I don’t have the time or patience to do new polls because someone was selfish. Sorry again to the fair anipals.


15 Responses to “Vote for the best Halloween Piccys!!!”

  1. LilyLuWhoT Says:

    This was WICKED fun! Thanks for putting it together Joey! ❀ Lily

  2. Dusty & Hurley Says:

    DUSTY: Joey Bean, thanks for having a fun contest for your furiends to enjoy each other’s cool costumes.
    HURLEY: It was fun to see everyone’s Howloween outfits.

  3. I sawry pal. it wuz fun but sum times dey goes too far wif da votin fings! one per is always da bestest way.


  4. Aww, Joey..that is such a shame, especially after all your hard work…I hope dem anipals are ashamed of themselves. Tut tut!! Thank you, again…tabby love to you. Tez πŸ™‚

  5. MaggieTKat Says:

    This was absolutely stunning and a huge amount of work. Griss on the bad piggy anipals.

    Too bad for JoeyBean, but he rocks!

    Griss on bad anipals

  6. MaggieTKat Says:

    I love the quilt comment markers! Mom’s a quilter and leave lots of fur on them!

  7. Congratulations to all the winners. This was so much fun. Thanks for putting this toghether. You ROCK!

  8. Dusty & Hurley Says:

    DUSTY: JoeyBean, this reminds us of the giant Faxo Anipal April Fiasco of 2010. Lots of anipals got hurt feelings. Scribe made FAXO take us off the wall of Shame. So many anipals were getting hurt feelings.
    HURLEY: It’s a shame cheaters can ruin the fun that a nice anipal like you took time to plan and put together. If I could “hiss” with you at the cheater(s), I would! Arrooooo!

  9. I so sorry sumbuddy wuz stoopid an cheated. Wat a waste of times and hurtful. I sorry you werked so much for some fun fur da anipals but it wuz fun anyways an you iz a grate kittys.

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