Puppy’s story

Hey guys, here is Puppy’s story since he won the best costume of 2010 award. This is my first time working with animal characters and writing a story this short, so I hope it turned out okay.


Puppy Vs. Dracula


Puppy sighs as he looks around. In front of him is a rocky mountain, and on top of it sits a castle, which is illuminated by the full moon light, surrounded by leafless trees. A bolt of lightning shoots across the sky, and thunder cracks in the night. The sickly sweet smell of death permeates the air. He rubs his paws over his face and snuggles down deeper into Cecil’s fur. Cecil is Puppy’s Husky, and he offered to carry the two guinea pigs, Puppy and Gideon, on his back all the way to Dracula’s castle.

I can’t believe I’m coming back here. I just escaped two days ago.

Puppy’s thoughts must have shown on his face, because Gideon looks at him and pats him on the head. “It’s okay. You’re doing the right thing. All of animal kind depends on you.”

Puppy nods.

Cecil continues up the mountain. The rocks cut his paws, but he doesn’t complain. He knows that every animal in the world is depending on Puppy. If he doesn’t stop Dracula, then no one will.

Dracula is kidnapping all of the animals in the world and turning them into vampires. His dream is to build a vampire army consisting of animals, and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. Puppy is the lucky one who escaped before Dracula began his tortuous training to make him into an undead soldier.

Puppy shudders as he remembers his transformation from normal guinea pig to vampire. The pain was excruciating, and he is the only one of his kind who was strong enough to survive it. He can still feel the poison burning in his veins. He is determined to stop Dracula before he harms anymore animals.

The closer they get to the castle, the more afraid Puppy becomes. He knows that he is the animals’ only hope. He is the only one with the strength to fight Dracula. Even though he has yet to master his new super-pig powers, he is still more powerful than a pit bull. Dracula will never know what hit him.

They reach the top of the mountain and stop in front of the castle’s black iron gates.

“This is my stop,” Cecil says.

Puppy and Gideon scurry down the dog’s back and lean against his front leg in a guinea pig hug.

“Thank you, Cecil.” Puppy says.

The two pigs crawl under the gate, run up the sidewalk, and stop in front of the castle.

Gideon and Puppy lean against each other in another hug and wish each other luck.

“Don’t worry, Puppy, I’ll make sure all of the animals are released,” Gideon says. He runs around to the back of the castle and crawls through a basement window.

“I just hope that I can fulfill my part of the plan,” Puppy says to himself.

Puppy glances at the gates one more time, sighs, and then climbs the steps of the porch. He crawls up the wall and enters the castle through a broken window.

Once inside, he runs over to the stairs. He knows exactly where to find Dracula. He begins climbing the stairs, heading straight for Dracula’s laboratory.

With each step, Puppy becomes more and more scared. He doesn’t want to go back to where his pain first began. All he wants to do is go back home and hide in the safety of his girl’s arms. But he can’t do that; not even she is safe as long as Dracula

still lives.

The thought of everything and everyone he loves being in danger is what keeps Puppy going down the hall and to the last door on the right. The door is open just a crack, and Puppy squeezes through it and into the laboratory.

Dracula is standing at one of the tables, filling a vile with red-looking liquid. Puppy knows from experience that this is the mixture that he uses to turn animals into vampires, so he must be getting ready to change another animal.

“Hello there, Puppy. How nice of you to come back and bring your brother. He will be a wonderful new addition to my army.” Dracula turns around and looks down at Puppy.

Puppy stands his ground. He lifts himself up onto two legs and glares right back at the evil vampire. Then, he hears a whimper come from behind Dracula.

“Cui. Cui.” Gideon says, weakly.

Dracula must have already given Gideon the sedative. Puppy must act fast.

“You see, Puppy,” Dracula says, “you can never beat me. You are nothing but a weak, scrawny, little rodent.” He stomps his foot down on the floor, only missing Puppy by centimeters.

Puppy is thankful for his new lightning-fast reflexes, or he would have been a guinea pig pancake. His fear is overcome by anger, and he begins to chatter.

“Aww, is the little piggy getting mad?”

Puppy continues chattering and begins to channel his anger and hatred for Dracula into strength. Dracula hits Gideon’s cage, causing the pig to jump. Dracula laughs.

“All you pigs are the same; you’re all scared of your own shadow.”

Puppy becomes enraged. It is one thing for Dracula to insult and hurt him, but a completely other thing for him to insult his family. Puppy springs at Dracula and lands on his face. He sinks his teeth into his nose and holds on tight. Dracula screams and begins to shake his head back and forth in an effort to shake Puppy off, but Dracula is a weak, old vampire, and Puppy is a strong new one.

Puppy remains latched onto Dracula’s nose, and just when he thinks he’s about to lose his grip, he uses his secret weapon. He musks Dracula right in the face. He begins to cough, and Puppy digs his claws into the vampire’s face and releases his hold on Dracula’s nose. He jumps then carefully makes his way to Dracula’s shoulder and leaps onto the table.

Dracula is still coughing, and he is grabbing his throat as if he can’t breathe. He finally collapses and takes one final breath.

“You did it, Puppy.” Gideon says, his voice barely a whisper.

“Shh, just be quiet. It’s alright now.”

“He’s dead.”

Puppy stops trying to pick the cage lock long enough to look down at the dead vampire.

“It’s finally over,” Puppy says with a sigh.

He sticks his claw into the lock and it finally catches. He opens the cage door and helps Gideon out.

“The other animals,” Gideon says before he finally dozes off.

“I’ll take care of them, little brother. You just rest.”

Puppy runs down to the basement and uses his super-strength to pull the lever to open all of the cage doors. The animals come running out, and Puppy explains to them that Dracula is dead and they can now go home to their families. The animals all cheer, and they name Puppy a hero. They go up to get Gideon, and then they carry both of the guinea pigs out on a purple pillow. Cecil meets them at the gate.

“Is it over?” He asks. His ears are twitching, trying to pick up any sounds of trouble.

“It’s over,” Puppy answers.

“You did it Puppy!”

Puppy carries Gideon over to Cecil. Cecil lies down, and Puppy places Gideon on Cecil’s back and then joins him. He says goodbye to his new friends and heads back home to his girl.

Puppy wakes up the next day to learn that the news of his victory has spread, and he’s now a world-wide hero and celebrity. Puppy the guinea pig is now a household name, and it’s all because he’s didn’t give up fighting for what was right. His bravery and conviction will be remembered for many years to come.



2 Responses to “Puppy’s story”

  1. Thank you Joey for telling the world about my great adventure! I am still resting from my traumatic encounter with Dracula! Gideon has fully recovered from the sedative he was given and Cecil’s paws are also healing up nicely! I realize that now I am regarded far and wide as an international HERO as well as a superstar internet A-list CELEB! If anybody know of a good agent, please contact me as I would love to make a movie about myself and my adventures. Thank you once again to joey for the fun contest and your wonderful writing skills!

  2. This is a super cool story! 🙂 loved it 🙂

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