Hunting Practice Gone Wrong… Again

My target walks by, and I hide in the bushes. She is at least ten times bigger than I am, so I am fairly sure that she is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I wiggle my butt to make sure I have the perfect aim. I am only going to get one shot at this beast. She takes another step, and I fly out of the bushes with my arms extended straight out. I swat her on the leg. That shot should take her down.

“Oh no! You got Mommy!” my prey cries.

Mom, T-Rexes don’t talk! I think.

I meow once and walk over to Mom. I being to rub on her legs while I purr to thank her for playing. Humans just don’t understand how seriously cats take their hunting practice. My former prey picks me up and carries me to the bar stools, where my hiding place once was. She gives me a hug. I may be misunderstood, but at least I’m loved.


2 Responses to “Hunting Practice Gone Wrong… Again”

  1. That’s good hunting. I hunt mom from behind the stair railing. I reach through the bars and *thwock!*. She always laughs and says, ‘Oh no! You got me!” Then she leaves very s-l-o-w-l-y so I can thwock her again. She’s a good sport.

  2. Wow! you caught your Mom! keep practicing your hunting skills maybe one day we can both scare my brofur BOL or my Ma!

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