Postcard Exchange Group

So, I was on Twitter tonight, as usual, and I started thinking… All of us anipals live in very different areas of the world, and I think it’d be really awesome to start a postcard exchange group! We can have a list of anipals who wish to participate and each pick a new one to exchange with once a month, once a week, or maybe even just do them all at once. Which would you guys prefer? Let me know if it’s something any of you would like to do!


11 Responses to “Postcard Exchange Group”

  1. OMC! How did I not know you have a blog my friend!! Good idea you’ve got!

  2. I’m in, have somewhat done this already but I think it would be fun with everyone who wants to sending them!

  3. What a pawfect idea!! I am sooooo in!! You’re such a smartie Joey (even if you’re stinky, BOL)

  4. Hubo the cat Says:

    Good idea, I’m in. It’s interesting to see and learn about other countries.

  5. Dusty & Hurley Says:

    DUSTY: What a fun idea, Joey Bean! You’re a creative cat.
    HURLEY: I’d love to send postcards and get some, too!

  6. I would likes to doz dis sumtime. Unfortunately fur me wif holidays & sending cards out (I sending to lots of anipals) I could not participate til maybe January.

  7. beth bodenstein Says:’s GizmoGeodog here & I would like to exchange cards every 2 weeks or so

  8. RettetKaninchen Says:

    That is a great idea! I am a member of and love ti send postcards.

    One card the week would be nice, I would love to get classical ightseeing cards from
    your places.

  9. I am in furriend! wohoooo! Ma loves to send out postcards and cards 🙂

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