Mental Health Pawty!

Hey guys, Mom is pawticipating in a walk to help people with Mental Illness, and we’d love for you guys to sponsor her! We are going to be having a pawty in support of her walk on my birthday, April 9, 2011 from 4pm EST until 11pm EST. We want to have quizzes, barktenders, and DJ’s too, so if any of you guys are interested in pawticipating in the pawty, please let me know. You can DM me and let me know if you have a prize you’d like to donate or if you’d like to barktend, DJ, or quiz. Thanks so much guys!!

The walk is to support the Kenneth Young Center in Elk Grove Village, IL, and there will be a link available on the site for your donations. Here is a link to the site so that you guys can see what we’re pawtying for!

Donation information will be posted closer to the date of the pawty, so please hold off on donations until then, that way we can instruct you how to designate the donation for the walk and how to sponsor Mom! πŸ™‚


10 Responses to “Mental Health Pawty!”

  1. So glad to see help given to a cause that’s often sadly neglected. Have sent you a DM re DJ’ing, and hope your birthday, the pawty and the walk will all be a tremendous success πŸ™‚

  2. Dusty & Hurley Says:

    DUSTY: We’ll be there with bells on! HURLEY: I guess that means we better tip toe! DUSTY: Put us down for donating 2 prizes!

  3. Um forgive my ignorance please and thank you however you do not mention a place or even a city to see if you can attend. perhaps its cause Im new here but maybe could you tell us what city your located in? If it is near me then I would love to go as my Mom has ADHD and she loves supporting things like this!! Its right up her twisted alley!!!

  4. I will be der wif bells on. And I happy to halp wif quizzies too.

  5. Smokey8 Pino Says:

    We’ll be happy to sponsor you and will donate prices too! Purrs

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