Postcard Exchange Group

As those of you who have signed up know, I am collecting addresses and email addresses for the group. With 21 members so far, I am not comfortable saying who has to trade with whom. I wasn’t going to hand out addresses, I’m collecting them so I can send my cards. I was going to let you guys do the exchanging, but in an effort to keep other pals feelings from getting hurt, I think this may need to be done a different way. If someone doesn’t know someone else, he or she may not be comfortable handing out his or her address to that pal, and that is completely understandable. So I am looking for suggestions as to how to do this in a way that it’s fun for everyone and everyone is comfortable. We could feature a new pal each month, and everyone sends a postcard to that pal, if that pal is comfortable passing on his or her address to each person. That way it is in everyone’s control who gets their address. Or I could assign pals to each other at random for each month, and then you guys could work out amongst yourselves whether or not you’re comfortable sharing addresses. These are my two ideas thus far, since I will be starting school long before this is over, and I won’t have time to address and send over 20 postcards each month if they are sent to me. If you guys have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. Let me know which idea works best for you all! 🙂


8 Responses to “Postcard Exchange Group”

  1. It would take double postage…but we can all send them to you and you can forward them on… Just thinkin’

    • See the problem is, once school starts, I won’t have time to do that with homework, work, and class. I’ll just have time to do mine. We have 22 pals so far (just added another!), and it’d get to be a bit insane for me haha.

  2. Third idea! I could send everyone a list of who has joined, and you guys could email me back who you’re comfortable with having your addresses, and i could pair you all up from that.

  3. On second thought, I think we all love each other anyway!

    • I love all you guys! I’m thinking of just listing everyone who wants to be involved and letting you guys contact them individually, and I’ll trade with everyone whose address I have. That’s the fourth idea, haha.

  4. Hubo the cat Says:

    Perhaps another idea: most/all of us have a digital camera or a mobile phone with camera. Why not take the picture ourselves and e-mail it to our penpal(s)? No stamps, no making public of adresses for those who don’t want to etc. Instead of e-mailing we could show the pictues through twitter. How about it?

    • I kind of like getting something in the mail other than bills. That’s my thing, haha. I’m not sure. This is getting to be REALLY complicated, and I hadn’t planned on that. I thought it’d just be a fun thing, you know?

  5. Hubo the cat Says:

    Can imagine that, snail mail in stead of e-mails is so much fun. Will keep thinking about a solution that doesn’t take too much of your time and respects everyone’s privacy.

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